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Episode 5 – The Magician Upright

June 28, 2015 By: John Taber Category: Dark Waters Rising News, Games

Subject 86[ Author’s Note: This is the log for the 5th session. Instead of posting your standard log of everything that happened during the session I will post “Then” and “Now” sections that summarize the story. The players will need to recall the details as to how it unfolded. This means that the players will be responsible for remembering any loose ends that may come back to haunt them in a later Episode. ]


New Orleans, USA – April 16th, 2015 – After I asked Father about going to school he explained that it would not be possible. I know I am tall and might scare some people but if they just get to know me then I’m sure they would like me! I am excited about going to the library tomorrow on my own. Father says I can just break in an borrow some books as long as I close up afterwards. He told me to find a book called Frankenstein but I think I might try Uglies instead.

New Orleans, USA – April 17th, 2015 – Coming back from the library I was surprised to see strange cars in the driveway. As I approached I heard gunfire then a crash! The lab! As I sat stunned deciding what I should do I heard a car horn. Behind me was Jordon and Garret in their black car. (Garret is handsome but such an ass. I’m not into “bad boys”. Jordan is nice but too old for me.) They pulled up and quickly told me to get into the car. I told them no then Garret explained that a group of hunters were in the house and that it was not safe. I tried to ask why they would be “hunting” in our house but Garret seemed nervous so I got into he car. I hope father is ok…


New Orleans, USA – June 19th, 2015 – The trio of Moon Caretakers are introspective as they slowly pole their way back to camp with an empty boat. The calm swamp water belies the events will soon arise. Subject 86, or just “86” to her friends, wonders how the vampires will react with only 2 thralls ready this cycle. She puts it out of her mind when Mark yells out, “Look!” A plume of black smoke is coming from the commune! The trio quicken their pace as the wonder what they will find at their home.

As the boat reaches the makeshift dock 86 jumps out followed closely by Mark then Peter. They stop dead in their tracks when they run face first into an armed gunman. The young tattooed man with a rifle yells out, “Hold it right there! Hands up!” 86 slowly raises her hands as she watches the tarp that comprises their main sleeping area collapse is a blaze of orange flame. It is everything she can do to keep from crying. Peter stares at the tent he helped erect hoping that this is some type of nightmare that he will awake from.

After the tattooed man and 2 of his friend tie up Mark and Peter they move to the side of the camp where they can talk in private. 86 weighs her options realizing that action would likely hurt many of her friends. When her 3 captors come back from their discussion the tattooed man with the rifle leads the way. His rifle is on his back and one hand is behind his back. He circles behind 86 and stabs her in the neck. As blood fills her throat her friends look on in horror! She tries to ask the man why he is not happy with her but only a gurgle emerges. When her eyes close 86 regrets the fact that her Father will never know that she was able to carry on his life’s work…to bring life to the unliving…but at least her friends will be happy with her work…at least she would die with friends who love her…what more could a girl ask for…

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