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Situation Report – Session #6 – An Unparalleled Weapon

August 20, 2017 By: John Taber Category: Games, Godlike News

Tracked Remote Vehicle[  Author’s Note: This is the situation report for the 6th session of the Godlike Hero campaign. This is my take as to what happened during the session. Please let me know if there are any comments or corrections.  ]

8 January, 1944 – After defending Monte Majo from a counter-attack by two deadly half-tracks the talents of the FSSF get no reprieve. Over the next two days of freezing cold weather the talents are subjected to over 20 counter-offensives by the German’s. It seems that the Nazi’s highly value Monte Majo. On the morning of 8 January 1944 the Talents are elated to see their that they are getting relieved by the 133 Infantry. As they march down the frozen hillside they inspect their replacements. The men are green. They are either overconfident or too scared. Their canteens slosh around giving away their positions. These are soldiers which are new to the Front.

At the FSSF bivouac the group gets warm showers and a hot meal but their stay is cut short by a visit from General Frederick’s aide. They are ordered to meet in the command tent immediately. At the command tent they are told that Monte Majo has fallen and must be retaken. They are also informed through the intelligence service that a group of cold and winter based Ubers known as “Ãœberkommandogruppe Thor” are working in their area. Tap is given a briefing on the Nazi Ubers. Grabbing their gear the talents and roughly 50 of their brethren in the FSSF return to the hillside.

As they make their way up they see a strange fog surrounding Monte Majo. Once inside the fog they find bails of staked out rusted barbed wire. This confuses them as there is no way the German’s could have setup the barbed wire so quickly. A few yards forward they find a series of trenches lined with sandbags. It looks like the Vimey Ridge?!? With that the talents jump into action. Tank jumps into a machine gun nest and knocks out the Nazi soldiers with his ferrous metal fists! Sparky takes down another with a well place shotgun blast! As they approach Tap uses the eyes of a soldier who happens to be an Uber! He uses this to direct the attacks of the other talents. Butcher derps some soldiers giving tank some needed cover. As the battle rages a dense snowstorm approaches giving cover to an Uber who is throwing deadly icicles. Sparky blast three Ubers with 6 sticks of dynamite then takes a blow from a water blast. Tank approaches dowsing the three Ubers with a flamethrower! Behind Butcher derps the icicle Uber. To his surprise the snowstorm clears and the Uber is shot from behind by one of his compatriots! Turns out that the Nazi Uber doing the snowstorm is the man Abrianna mentioned wanting to defect. Once the Ubers are down the FSSF cleans up the hillside.

10 January, 1944 – After two days of rest advance scouts report that they need the help from the talents. Apparently there is a large half-dome of ferocious snow and wind heading down the mountain toward the camp. Inside one recon squad is trapped. After doing some investigation the talents decide that the best course of action is to man one of the half-tracks and take it into the globe. Sparky fixes one up then does the driving. As it hits the globe it rocks but he keeps it on course. Inside the team finds a FSSF soldier who needs help. They take him into the half-track. After some investigation they find that under the storm is a tunnel. With powerful blows Tank digs out a hole to the tunnel.

Jumping down the group finds a strange scientist manning a small remote vehicle with tank treads. The vehicle appears to be producing the dangerous globe upstairs. In front of the device is an Uber who is making a tunnel for them to advance. Tap does some recon by entering the vision of one of the guards. After some brief talk the talents attack. Tank leads off with the flamethrower blast followed by Tap and Butcher. Quickly the Nazi’s surrenders when Butcher explains the situation to them. To their surprise inside the device is not functional. Apparently the Uber scientist was willing it to function using some type of superpower.

Just another week in the lives of the Black Devil talents!

Situation Report – Session #5 – An Unparalleled Weapon

July 08, 2017 By: John Taber Category: Games, Godlike News

Half-Track[  Author’s Note: This is the situation report for the 5th session of the Godlike Hero campaign. This is my take as to what happened during the session. Please let me know if there are any comments or corrections.  ]

5 January, 1944 – After taking Monte Majo the talents of the FSSF find little reprieve as the Germans immediately retaliate. This time they send three squads of veteran soldiers and two half-tracks. As the Nazi soldiers start their advance up the vineyard terraces the heroes move into action. Tap takes out one of the half-track drivers sending the vehicle off course. Skeet and Tank shoot out one of the front tires of the other half-track disabling it. Sparky advances up the center then speeds forward and blows up a commander and machine gunner with a drop of dynamite. Butcher takes down Nazi commanders and machine gunners. As the troops advance they press the talents who take several rifle shots. Shadow runs up then jumps into the half-track with the dead driver. He wrestles control of the vehicle then drives it into several Nazi soldiers. Butcher tends to wounds on the heroes. As the last of the Nazi force reaches the crest of the hill Tank charges forward putting his metal fist through a soldier sending him flying back! The remaining soldiers fall back when they realize that the tides have turned against them.

Monte Majo stays in the able hands of the FSSF and their talented heroes!

Situation Report – Session #4 – An Unparalleled Weapon

April 27, 2017 By: John Taber Category: Games, Godlike News

Echo Blasting[  Author’s Note: This is the situation report for the 4th session of the Godlike Hero campaign. This is my take as to what happened during the session. Please let me know if there are any comments or corrections.  ]

22 December, 1943 – The FSSF fights for control of several smaller hills without Ubermenschen involvement. The next important hill is Monte Majo.

27 December, 1943 – Later in the week the Talents are visited by three journalists form the States including Ernie Pyle. At first the Talents decide that they should probably lay low so that information about the team does not leak out. Tank decides that he wants to be in a newsreel and speaks out.

4 January, 1944 – The Talents are summoned to the temporary command post at the foot of Monte Majo and Monte Vischiataro. The talents are introduced to Cpl Kaito “Jack” Kusaka who will be a new member of their team. Cpl Kusaka is currently a member of the 101st, a group of Japanese American soldiers. The Cpl will lead the team on a mission to eliminate several fortified positions at the base of Monte Majo. After getting their orders Col Frederick takes the Talents aside and explains that the Cpl is a Talent code named “Shadow”. The Col then lets Cpl Kusaka explain that in times of need ghosts of his ancestors appear and come to his aid.

After carefully moving across the snow covered terrain Shadow moves slowly towards a foxhole. A derp from Butcher and an arrow from Skeet fell the sentries leaving the sleeping guards for the other PC. Next the Talents make easy work of a machine gun next. The final target is a fortified bunker. After some scouting by Shadow and Skeet the commanding Nazi officer is derped by Butcher. This signals Tank to rip off the steel door on the back of the bunker letting the rest of the Talents rush into the room! Sparky disconnects the land line then uses the cord to strangle one of the sentries. Shadow takes out another waking soldier then the ghost of his relative, some type of Asian gangster sporting a Tommy Gun, appears to help! With an uncanny knife shot Skeet takes out another guard. In seconds the bunker is taken.

5 January, 1944 – The assault on Monte Majo begins that morning. After fighting past several foxholes a Ubermenschen appears but is quickly derped by Butcher before he can act! As the Talents advance they spot a mentalist then a strange telekinetic weight lifter. The final Ubermenschen uses a powerful sonic blast. Skeet and Sparky take shots from Echo but push forward taking the hill. As the sounds of battle fade the Talents take a moment to catch their breath. Tank sets down his Johnson LMG on a rock wall then wipes his brow. His head turns to the other side of the Monte Majo when he hears a noise that he has not heard in some time…tank treads!