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Past RPG Favorites Updated And Banners Added

April 02, 2010 By: John Taber Category: Site Updates

I’ve made a couple of changes to the site.

Banners Added To Left Margin

There are now banners in the left margin for companies that I strongly support. If you use these links you can help me support this site and my passionate RPG and anime “addiction”. 🙂

Past RPG Favorites Updated

I have updated the entry for my favorite heroic level Hero campaign! Here is the new update…

Favorite Heroic Hero Campaign – Star Aria – After a lot of deliberation the ballots have been collected and we have a new winner! My Star Aria campaign has now surpassed Precinct 13 as my Favorite Heroic Hero Campaign. Star Aria is a Star Hero campaign set in my own megaverse that ran for 3 years (i.e. from 2004 through 2007). There are several things that make this campaign really stand out as a winner. First is the way that the plot unfolded. There was a strong start, several great climaxes in the center, and a wonderful conclusion. I think the end of this campaign was literally the best I have ever run. Looking back I think this is because I set out from the start to have a campaign ending. That seems like a simple thing but I had really not done it to this degree in the past. Literally the entire length of the campaign I was building to the conclusion. Another reason for the success of the campaign was of course the players and their characters. Don ran the passionate cybernetic miner Mack. Mack (aka TOLARM) might be one of my favorite PC Don has ever run in one of my campaigns and he has played in a lot of them. Steve played the bio-computer enhanced teen named Stooz. Steve also introduced the NPC Gilby Toren who turned out to be a great foil for Stooz and a really fun character for me to play. Brian ran the bounty hunter/scientist/love lost character Hannibal. I think Hannibal was one of my favorite Star Aria characters because I could so easily write stories for him. Great stuff. Jim played the all business psi Lena. Great character with a past that set the tone for psi in the entire campaign. Finally there was the pilot of their ship Captain Dave. Captain Dave took his job as Captain of The Horny Hog seriously and was always there when you needed the eye shot off a gnat. If you want to get details on the campaign head over to the Star Aria site at this URL.

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