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Episode Synopsis – Session 30 – Mazes And Feelings

October 21, 2018 By: John Taber Category: Dark Waters Rising News, Games

Author’s Note: This is the episode synopsis for the 30th session of the Dark Waters Rising campaign.  This is my take as to what happened during the session.  Please let me know if there are any comments or corrections.  ]

Akili’s Song

After preparing some gas cans the hunters wait for Akili to begin his song.  While they wait they review the data they have collected so far.  When reviewing the data they realize Jevaun and Akili could be immortal satyrs!  Anne confronts Akili after getting this knowledge.  She explains that they want something different but that they can potentially both get what they want.  The crafty ex-DOOR agent explains that she does not want to see all of these innocent college kids to get hurt.  Akili agrees but also lets Anne know that he needs the party goers to be present so that he can finish his song.


As Akili starts his song Alastair and Winston find it difficult to resist its call.  When the song reaches its crescendo they feel the tune calling out over the Outer Dark through the trees which are acting as antenna.  When the group has extracted the sap a strange whirlpool appears in the air between the trees.  Emerging from the swirling mist is a strange black plant creature with roots that trail into the Outer Dark.  Winston and Alastair race to Akili who appears to be attracting the creature.  MD deals it a critical blow with an arrow while Kirk prepares a gas can to light it on fire.  Ron cuts at the roots stunning it!  As it stumbles forward Kirk lights it on fire.  When the smoke clears Winston speaks with Akili then the groups go their separate ways.

Mages And Feelings

MinotaurNow that the hunters have all of the components they begin to finalize their notes on casting the spell.  Winston and Alastair determine that they will need to cast the spell at the intersection of two specific ley lines.  The correct nexus is just outside of a tiny town called Reed in Mississippi.  After stowing their gear the group heads to Reed.


Bypassing the town of Reed the group heads to the coordinates of the ley line nexus.  At the location they find an old house near a rocky hillside.  Carefully exploring the house Kirk find the ghost of an older gentleman name Jonathan Moeller.  Jonathan says that the house belongs to him and his wife, Anabelle.  Doing some quick online research Kirk finds that Jonathan penned a book called Beyond Daedalus: Labyrinths In History And Legend in 1948.


Searching the house the group finds a passage into a strange magical hallway filled with mist.  Anne carefully investigates the stone walls only to discover that every stone brick is identical.  As the group explores the labyrinth Alastair and Winston can feel the Outer Dark calling out to them.  This has the effect of guiding them to the center of the maze.  As the group nears the center of the labyrinth a massive minotaur with glowing fingernails emerges before them.  It lets loose knocking out Anne and nearly killing Winston!  Some quick paramedics from Alastair saves Winston from dying.  Ron blasts the minotaur with his shotgun filled with rock salt.  To his surprise the minotaur shimmers when hit.  Inside Alastair can see the form of a small human.  After MD and Kirk lay into the creature with their weapons the minotaur limps away disappearing into the mist.


At the center of the labyrinth the group finds a room with no contents.  Winston and Alastair feel pressure like they did when previously encountering the Outer Dark.  As Alastair and Winston prepare for the spell a strange mist fills the room.  When the mist clears each hunter sees their greatest fear manifest!  After fighting off these visions Alastair starts the ritual.  With help from Winston and consummate skill Alastair completes the spell sealing the weak points in the rift to the Outer Dark.  As the spell finishes the minotaur appears then forms into an older woman, Annabelle.  Once she appears Jonathan comes to her side.  After kissing her briefly the pair vanish into the ether.

[ This session concludes the second Dark Waters Rising campaign arc.  I want to thank all of the Dark Waters Rising players for some amazing memories. ]

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