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Situation Report – Session #4 – An Unparalleled Weapon

April 27, 2017 By: John Taber Category: Games, Godlike News

Echo BlastingAuthor’s Note: This is the situation report for the 4th session of the Godlike Hero campaign. This is my take as to what happened during the session. Please let me know if there are any comments or corrections.  ]

22 December, 1943 – The FSSF fights for control of several smaller hills without Ubermenschen involvement. The next important hill is Monte Majo.

27 December, 1943 – Later in the week the Talents are visited by three journalists form the States including Ernie Pyle. At first the Talents decide that they should probably lay low so that information about the team does not leak out. Tank decides that he wants to be in a newsreel and speaks out.

4 January, 1944 – The Talents are summoned to the temporary command post at the foot of Monte Majo and Monte Vischiataro. The talents are introduced to Cpl Kaito “Jack” Kusaka who will be a new member of their team. Cpl Kusaka is currently a member of the 101st, a group of Japanese American soldiers. The Cpl will lead the team on a mission to eliminate several fortified positions at the base of Monte Majo. After getting their orders Col Frederick takes the Talents aside and explains that the Cpl is a Talent code named “Shadow”. The Col then lets Cpl Kusaka explain that in times of need ghosts of his ancestors appear and come to his aid.

After carefully moving across the snow covered terrain Shadow moves slowly towards a foxhole. A derp from Butcher and an arrow from Skeet fell the sentries leaving the sleeping guards for the other PC. Next the Talents make easy work of a machine gun next. The final target is a fortified bunker. After some scouting by Shadow and Skeet the commanding Nazi officer is derped by Butcher. This signals Tank to rip off the steel door on the back of the bunker letting the rest of the Talents rush into the room! Sparky disconnects the land line then uses the cord to strangle one of the sentries. Shadow takes out another waking soldier then the ghost of his relative, some type of Asian gangster sporting a Tommy Gun, appears to help! With an uncanny knife shot Skeet takes out another guard. In seconds the bunker is taken.

5 January, 1944 – The assault on Monte Majo begins that morning. After fighting past several foxholes a Ubermenschen appears but is quickly derped by Butcher before he can act! As the Talents advance they spot a mentalist then a strange telekinetic weight lifter. The final Ubermenschen uses a powerful sonic blast. Skeet and Sparky take shots from Echo but push forward taking the hill. As the sounds of battle fade the Talents take a moment to catch their breath. Tank sets down his Johnson LMG on a rock wall then wipes his brow. His head turns to the other side of the Monte Majo when he hears a noise that he has not heard in some time…tank treads!

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