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Session #18 – Daring Tales #9 – Kingdom Of The Blood God

September 23, 2014 By: John Taber Category: Daring Tales Of Adventure News, Games

Tribesmen[Author’s Note: This is the log for the 18th session. Note that the order of the events in this record may not be in the exact order that they occurred during play. The narrator is shown in italics.]

In this hair-raising adventure of Tesla’s Power Corp you can follow the exploits of the following heroes:

  • Clyde Beatty – Whip crackin’ animal expert with a troubled past.
  • Mike Callahan – Tough private-eye with a zest for life.
  • Tommy Kelly – Teen thief with a “Robin Hood” complex.
  • Miles Ravenwood – Mysterious man-of-means with knowledge in all things arcane.

Off The Rails!

When the mine tracks reach their terminus the cart plunges into an underground river. The heroes try to fight the suffocating water but succumb. The group awaken naked on a rough straw cot in leg manacles. Attending them is a beautiful young teenage woman known as Cassandra. She explains that the “slaves” were fished out of the lake by one of the Amazon hunting parties. The members of Tesla’s Power Corp are to be the property of the “new queen”. When prompted Cassandra explains that the old queen has just passed and a new queen will be selected today. She claims to be the daughter of the old queen Antiope. With that Cassandra escorts the group out into a central courtyard. At a small stone ziggurat a raven haired woman tells the crowd that she, Athena, claims the throne and asks for any challengers. At that moment one of the Amazon warriors who is standing behind Cassandra pushes her into the courtyard. Cassandra stands bravely but there is a look of fear in her eyes. She must battle Athena and her slaves for the throne. Cassandra claims the newly found slaves as her own.

As the battle starts the group moves into action. Tommy baits a slave towards the edge of the arena then throws him outside. Mike starts throwing powerful punches sending slaves to the dirt. Clyde works on other slaves while Miles cuts loose with lightning bolts. Cassandra fights defensively until Athena signals the crowd and is thrown weapons. Clyde grabs a sword and throws is to Cassandra. As Miles fells Athena, Cassandra puts a sword to her throat and asks her to surrender to the new queen. Athena assents.

Questing With The Queen

As the new “queen elect” Cassandra returns the group their gear. While relaxing in the palace the levity is interrupted by an Amazonian warrior. The warrior explains that one of the Amazon fishing villages is under attack by a group of Chicomoztoci tribesmen. They are capturing Amazons to sacrifice to their evil blood god! The heroes jump into action with Cassandra. They find a group of deranged tribesman burning down the village when they start their attack. The unorganized tribesman are quickly put down by the heroes. As the battle closes the Amazons report that ten of their members have been taken.

Upon returning to the Amazon fortress Cassandra is confronted by an old Amazon shaman. The crone tells the group that Cassandra must conduct a quest to rescue the Amazons who were taken to be crowned as queen. The fates should be confronted to guide the group. With that the heroes and Cassandra enter a sacred chamber below the Amazonian temple ziggurat. They soon find astral forms of themselves and must confront ghostly warriors using only their minds. The tables are turned when Tommy, Clyde, and Miles let loose in hand-to-hand mind combat. The crone gives the team magic stones as a reward for their victory.

Island Of The Blood God

Five days on the water take the heroes and Cassandra to the home of the Chicomoztoci. As they approach the island that is the home of the blood god’s minions they are beset by pirates! After boarding the pirate ship the heroes defeat the pirate captain and commandeer the ship. They then devise a plan to use the pirate ship as a distraction. Tommy sets the pirate ship on fire then jumps overboard! When the boat explodes ships from the island are sent to investigate. This gives the heroes a chance to sneak onto the island and free the captured Amazons.

As they sneak into the ruined city that is the Chicomoztoci home they find the Amazons tied up in a hallway inside the main ceremonial ziggurat. When Tommy sneaks up he finds five Amazons and Stefan Andropolous! Apparently the Greek mobster survived the mine cart descent and was rescued by the Chicomoztoci who now plan to sacrifice him. The group unties the Amazons but are caught as they are trying to escape. A pitched battle ensues! Miles and the Chicomoztoci witchdoctor trade blasts! Clyde start whipping tribesman off the ziggurat steps. Mike fires some deadly shots with his rifle then enters into hand-to-hand combat with them. Tommy grabs the ceremonial dagger from the fallen witchdoctor then uses it to impale the last temple guard. The party rushes back to their small boat and the trip back to the Amazonian homeland.

Cassandra is now the queen but the heroes of Tesla’s Power Corp still need to return to the surface. An ancient map will lead them to unspeakable horrors that must be braved. Keep your eyes open and your fists at the ready!

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