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Session #3 – Daring Tale #2 – Chaos On Crete

June 20, 2013 By: John Taber Category: Daring Tales Of Adventure News, Games

Minotaur[Author’s Note: This is the log for the 3rd session. Note that the order of the events in this record may not be in the exact order that they occurred during play. The narrator is shown in italics.]

In this hair-raising adventure of Tesla’s Power Corp you can follow the exploits of the following heroes:

  • Johnny Kelly – Self-taught mechanic and chemist who knows he is the best at what he does…just ask him!
  • Tommy Kelly – Teen thief with a “Robin Hood” complex.
  • Quigley – Aussie big game hunter who has turned his sights on a far more dangerous prey.

“Please Call Me Trubee”

After getting a call from Nikola, Johnny, Tommy, and Quigley head towards his apartment. As they approach his hotel room door they see cub reporter Valerie Braveheart leaving the apartment. After giving Tommy a friendly hug she leave the Corp with Nikola. Nikola then asks the trio to come in and take a seat in his front room. At this point the Corp members speak with Nikola about Tesla’s Power Corp. Discussions revolve around what he will give to the team and what he expects from them.

As the discussion closes there is a knock at the door. Nikola gets up and opens the door for the President of the American Museum Of Natural History a Mr. Trubee Davison. After a brief introduction where President Davison asks to be called “Trubee” he explains his predicament.

Several weeks ago he was approached by the famed archaeologist Professor Munroe. The Professor had learned that the famed Labyrinth on Crete was not at the Palace Of Knossos. If he could locate the real Labyrinth it would mean a lot of publicity and likely several important finds for the museum. About 3 weeks ago regular telegrams from Crete stopped. Trubee fears the worst. He asks the trio to help by travelling to Crete to find the missing Professor Munroe and his niece, Gloria Drake. Upon landing they should speak with a friend of Professor Munroe’s on Crete named Milo Kosta. Mr. Kosta is a local antique dealer.

Kosta’s Antiques

After touching down in Crete the Corp dons some light clothing suitable to the Mediterranean climate and heads to the antique dealer’s shop. As they approach the shop Tommy gets distracted by a local Cretan girl selling fruit and flowers. Inside the shop Johnny and Quigley can hear some commotion going on inside. As they reach the front window they hear two men accosting the shop keeper. At this point the Corp jumps into action. Quigley draws his pistols and asks the men to drop their weapons. When the thugs turn and start to draw weapons Quigley drops one of them. At this point an unseen ruffian emerges from the back room with a Tommy Gun! Tommy runs around the back and unlocks the back door to the antique shop. At this point Johnny gums up the men while two large handguns and some rough language from Quigley convince the last thug to give up. After a quick search of the back room Tommy’s trained eyes finds a vase that looks out of place. Inside he finds an envelope. He takes the envelope and gives the vase with some flowers to the pretty Cretan girl. To his surprise as he hands the flowers to the girl the locals start clapping! They appear to consider the Corp to be their saviors in the fight against the ruffians.

The shop keep, Milo, is grateful to the group and is heartened to hear that the group are friends of Professor Munroe’s. He explains that the Professor found the location of the Labyrinth and left him an envelope. This envelope is only to opened if he feels that the Professor may be in danger. As things look grim for Professor Munroe he decides to open the envelope. Inside there is a note that says, “Choose to start thoughtfully.”

Icarus’ Plans

After reaching the camp of Professor Munroe on some horses borrowed from the local townspeople the team investigates the dig site. They find the camp ransacked. As they start to examine some of the pottery found by the Professor they find themselves surrounded y Cretan men with rifles. The men are being led by an older Cretan gentleman who introduces himself as Stefan Andropolous. (Milo later conveys that Andropolous is a local gangster who runs this part of the country. He apparently has most of the local officials in his pocket.) Stefan explains that not only did Professor Munroe find the fabled Labyrinth but that he also found some long lost scroll that belonged to Icarus. This scroll contains plans for a myriad of cunning devices including mechanical men, flying machines, and ray guns. Andropolous threatens that once Professor Munroe has translated the documents these fantastic machines will make him a very powerful man. With the help of his chief assistant which he calls “Mr. Scar” the master villain has his men open a large rock slab revealing an entrance into the Labyrinth. His men then disarm the heroes and throw them into the foreboding tunnel with Milo and the Professor’s niece, Gloria Drake. As the slab seals in the group Andropolous laughs at them and asks them to give their regards to the minotaur!

After Gloria explains that her Uncle is being held on Stefan Andropolous’ yacht the Corp steels their nerves and descends into the maze. While exploring the depths they come across two ancient soldiers that have been crushed by a large falling stone slab. Tommy assesses that the stone is indeed from a trap and takes the lead. On the two bodies they find a flintlock pistol and some spare powder. With Tommy in the lead he uncovers a spear trap. After carefully springing open a pit along one side they find two more skeletons. These bodies are wearing ancient robes. One of the men has a bronze sword and the other has a strange iron amulet with one eye and ancient writing on the back. Milo takes the necklace and says that he can translate it later when there is more light. Finally the PC reach a large chamber with several hallways. On one wall is a sealed doorway and a strange panel next to it with the Greek alphabet. Feeling something is not right Tommy moves to one of the hallways. He then hears metal footsteps approaching! Thinking fast Johnny, Quigley, and Tommy setup a tripwire across one hallway with some flash powder laying in front of it. Moments later a huge metal minotaur wielding a giant axe enters the room! The massive automaton trips on the wire and falls on the floor setting off the powder in a flash of light and smoke! Quickly Tommy start pressing buttons on the panel hoping it will open. After a loud click under his feet he dives to the side narrowly avoiding a deep pit. Thinking fast Tommy pours oil near the pit edge then Johnny glues the minotaur. With a daring feat of strength Quigley pushes the construct into the pit! This gives the Corp precious moments to work with the panel. After several unsuccessful tries Johnny figures out how the message from Professor Munroe can be used to open the door. The first letters of each word are the key to the panel lock. The heroes have escaped from the Labyrinth!

Yacht Firefight!

Upon returning to the camp the PC retrieve their gear and start to follow the horse tracks from Andropolous and his men. The tracks lead to the docks where they see a large yacht leaving port. Grabbing a nearby motorboat the Corp members race off in pursuit! Milo grabs Gloria and asks that she stay with him on the docks.

As they approach the back of the yacht Quigley blows down two men using his elephant gun! When the motorboat gets close enough to the yacht the Corp members jump onboard. Tommy climbs onto the roof while Quigley and Johnny take out Cretan thugs coming out of various compartments on the ship. Tommy finds Andropolous, Mr. Scar, and Professor Munroe in one of the forward cabins. He watches the room until Mr. Scar leaves. In a quick act of skill he handcuffs the assassin to one of the shop rails! As the battle rages Quigley takes some fire but grits his teeth and carries on. Johnny moves around to a position where he can release Professor Munroe. When releasing the Professor he find that dynamite is tied to his chair. Johnny hands a stick to Tommy who launches it into a hallway stunning Andropolous and Mr. Scar. Immediately following the explosion Johnny gums up the two men allowing Tommy to grab the plans from Andropolous. At the point the Corp decides to make a hasty retreat and returns to the motorboat. As they motor back to port mad ravings are heard from the yacht! The Corp has escaped with Professor Munroe and Icarus’ plans but they realize that Andropolous and Mr. Scar have escaped. Their villainy must be stopped on another day!

This is the end of the second daring tale of adventure that will become the legend that is Tesla’s Power Corp. In our next pulse racing yarn the Corp attempts to stop the nefarious schemes of an ancient Aztec deity!

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