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Spirit Storm Session Log: Epic Tale #13 – Undying Loyalty – Session #35

February 08, 2012 By: John Taber Category: Games, Spirit Storm News

Emperor OyugunDate At Start Of Game: 2/20/207

[Author’s Note: This is the log for the 35th session. Note that the order of the events in this record may not be in the exact order that they occurred during play.]

The Avatars Return

The Avatars Of The Great Tree arrive on the back of Cillian in his Dragon Kin form. At first they swoop around the city to examine the enemy forces. The sea forces are comprised of 12 ships, fish men, and a large kraken. The land forces are hiding among the trees but they appear to be comprised of several typical squads, Rooks, and an elite mercenary team led by a group of Jackal Kin.

After surveying the forces the PC spot a squads of men attacking the southern gate. The PC decide to get involved. Cillian swoops down dropping huge boulders on the men and their various siege engines. Po casts his curse spell on those using the battering ram and Bilby takes on individual troops on the siege tower. Kanga provides air support while Oren rides along with Cillian. Quickly the PC dispatch the attack which Oren assumes might be a test of the defenses.

Tokaji Debriefing

After this grand entrance the PC head to the palace. At the palace entry they are met by a handsome minstrel with golden locks and bright blue eyes. He has a bright blue hat with a garish white feather. Po reports that his mandolin is magical. He approaches the party and introduces himself as Daichi (aka Cragspine’s Ape Kin form). With that the group enters the palace. As the group returns they are surprised to find that everyone seems to know Daichi as a friend of the courts.

The PC are led by Yotsu to the Empress’s private study. Inside they find the Empress, Meiji, and Captain Ibara standing over a mock-up of the city. As the group enters the Empress greets the avatars but reacts coldly to Daichi. Before they can discuss the battle Oren puts Daichi, Cillian, and the Empress into her private chamber and tells them to talk.

Initially Empress Nokidara speaks to Daichi. She explains that he has lied to her, jeopardized her subjects, and not shown up when needed. Next the Empress explains that the subjects do not need to know about their relations as the entire situation is covered in lies. Finally she asks if they can be friends only. Daichi reacts with stunned agreement.

After this brief conversation the group returns to the war room. Empress Nokidara explains the now that Oren has returned he will be in charge of the defending forces. Captain Ibara then goes into details about the forces. Oren notes the distinct lack of air support on the enemy forces. He suggests that Cillian start flaming the forest near the city to take down their numbers and weaken their resolve.

As the group is about to break up two stranger enter the room. They pull back their cloaks to reveal their identities. It is the Dolphin Kin Spirit Mage Bishop and Captain Baleen the Orcan Keeper Of The Light. Captain Baleen warmly greets the PC and explains that the Avatars Of The Vast Sea are here to help. He then reveals detailed numbers about the waterborne forces. He explains that with some help his small elite band and the Avatars Of The Vast Sea should be able to take them out. Cragspine volunteers to help explaining that he has a lot of power in the water as well as the earth.

Individual Missions

Immediately Oren and Kanga go to check on the defending forces and meet with subunit commanders. Oren explains that Cragspine and a new Dragon are here to help defend Tokaji. This should give the defenders a huge advantage.

Cillian commences random flame attacks on the enemy forces and immediate forest. The effect is devastating.

Bilby sneaks into the enemy camp. He finds Emperor Oyugun and General Berke in the main command tent. They discuss the situation of the flame attacks but the Emperor says that they have accounted for the Avatars and that they need to stick with their battle plan. He then tells the vengeful General Berke that he should tell the “necromancer” to be ready at dawn. This gives Bilby the idea that the necromancer is a vital cog in their attack plan. On the way out Bilby snatches a supply box marked with a skull.

Po and Meiji start to analyze the Ash powder for a potential cure. They find that the powder is Nombrian in nature and that is was setup by a practitioner of the Dark Lord. It first shows the victim pleasureful images why it eats their spirit. When the user dies they return as an Ash Zombie. Po and Meiji are able to distill a potential cure but it is time consuming, needs Ash as a component, only works on those who have not already been turned into an Ash Zombie, and could be quite painful to use. When Bilby shows up with the crate the PC find some books and large sacks full of Ash. Po cleverly replaces the bags and books using his illusionary mask spell.

Nighttime Raid

After exploring all of the alternatives Oren comes up with a dangerous plan. An elite force of men led by Ibara will come out of the city gates and start attacking forces on the edge of the forest. When the enemy engages the PC will dig up behind the enemy lines. After digging up the PC will replace the crates with fakes ones created by Po and if possible take out Anselem, the necromancer.

Cragspine digs the PC to the area then Oren takes over as his tunneling is much more subtle. First the PC create a small hole for Bilby to use to replace the crates. Once this is done the PC observer Anselem, his strange gibbering mouther blob, Emperor Oyugun, and General Berke speaking. The Emperor is wary of a trick as this is obviously not tactically savvy and he has heard of Oren’s skills in the field. As the three start to discuss what to do the PC circle then attack.

First Po opens up by cursing Anselem. In a fit of rage Oren strikes a massive blow that trips off some type of defensive spell on the necromancer. Bilby strikes next landing three deadly blows in rapid succession. Finally Kanga strikes home with an arrow shot to the head. Anselem falls in a heap. Before the Emperor and General can react the PC continue their assault. Cillian flames the commanders using his spirit powers. Kanga cuts loose with a powerful magical flame arrow on Anselem’s pet gibbering mouther. Po drains the Emperor. Bilby teleports behind the General and lands three assassin strikes felling him! Oren fells the gibbering mouther with a second strike. Knowing that he cannot face the group of Avatars alone Emperor Oyugun lowers his great club and surrenders. Luckily Oren comes out of his rage in time to accept the offer.

Avatars No More

When the Avatars return to the palace with Emperor Oyugun they are greeted as heroes. The Empress thanks them for their role in protecting Tokaji. A strange calm goes over the Avatars Of The Great Tree as they realize that they are no longer in the service of the Great Tree. Either Gray Pine has died or their mission is over.

The group discusses the acorn for what will likely be the next Great Tree. Cillian tells the group that he would like to take the acorn and make it part of whatever realm he decides to settle and call his own. He will protect it from harm at all costs. The group agrees although Oren expresses the desire to see the end of this story if possible.

[This is the end of the campaign. I wanted to send a special thanks to all of my players for such a great campaign.]

Date At End Of Game: 2/23/207

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