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Spirit Storm NPC Posted For Download – All 27 Of Them!

April 03, 2012 By: John Taber Category: Games, Spirit Storm News

Scarlet ScorpionI just posted all of the NPC that I created during my 3 year Fantasy Hero campaign. Entries range from the naïve Krait Kin Akiki to the nasty Rat Kin assassin Vesh! (Pictured is the Scarlet Scorpion.) All NPC are provided in Hero Designer format. Some NPC are built using Hero System 5th edition and some are in Hero System 6th edition. There are 27 NPC included in the zip file! Here is a hyperlink to the page where can be downloaded.

Next up…all of the Spirit Storm Objects! “[Glint in eye]…hmmm…magic items…[drool]…”

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