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Mad Merc’s Gaming Gazette Issues 11 To 20 Are Now Online!

February 03, 2012 By: John Taber Category: Games, Growlings

Checkered Demon Logo SmallDuring the early 90’s I published a newsletter that I emailed out to anyone who would listen. At the time my audience was comprised primarily of gaming buddies and folks on the Checkered Demon BBS. Each issue is like a collection of mini blog posts. 😉

Topics vary from issue to issue but focus on Hero Games product reviews/rules, video game reviews, comic book reviews, and other miscellaneous news items that would be appropriate for my gaming group. Looking back I think doing the small reviews in these issues whet my appetite for the type of more in depth reviews that I am performing now on this very blog.

You can find copies of the currently posted issues at this URL:

Issues 11 to 20 include the following highlights:

  • More of Seth’s Rules Of Dungeoneering.
  • The supervillain origin story of one of the most insane…or is that inane…villains of all time…Mad Merc!
  • An U.N.T.I.L. file on Mad Merc’s card throwing partner in crime…The Spade. “The Spade File” is penned by Rudy Fuentez.
  • The superhero origin story of Lunatic Fringe…aka “Johnny’s Tale”. One of my favorite PC superhero backgrounds of all time from Steve Brickman. Well worth a read!
  • A Fantasy Hero character background called “Ip’s Tale” by one of my superb regulars Jim Schaff.
  • The Three F’s Of Gaming…hummm…note to self…turn this series into a full blown blog post. 🙂
  • An article on The Psychologically Well Rounded Team
  • Reviews of Ninja Hero and Day Of The Destroyer.
  • More funny gaming quotes.

More issues are coming soon! Watch this blog for details! 🙂

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