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Situation Report – Session #3 – Operation Raincoat

April 02, 2017 By: John Taber Category: Games, Godlike News

Exploded German HelmetAuthor’s Note: This is the situation report for the 3rd session of the Godlike Hero campaign. This is my take as to what happened during the session. Please let me know if there are any comments or corrections.  ]

6 December, 1943 @ 0100 – The super soldiers of the FSSF are awoken by a courier. The courier kindly asks them to report to the field HQ for an immediate briefing. FSSF command has cleared the saddle between their current position and Monte le Remetanea (Hill 907) through aggressive patrols. The plan is to take the hill that morning using 2nd Battalion as a flanking force for the 1st Battalion. Even though the Germans have higher ground their numbers are estimated to be very low. A thick fog has surrounded Hill 907 which should aid the Forcemen.

At 0430 the super soldiers and Forcemen get into position. At 0500 the attack begins. The super soldiers led by Tank rush up the left side of the main defensive position. Sparky and Skeet follow close behind; Skeet picks off a target while Tank crushes another under his powerful metal blows. Tap takes out enemy soldiers in a methodical fashion. Butcher derps a critical machine gun nest near the center of the battlefield. After taking out the first bunker the soldiers clear the next wave of defenses. Sparky dashes up to the next bunker in literally the blink of an eye dropping a C-2 charge. To his surprise a sniper in a flanking position gets a luck shot on his leg. As the explosion goes off rocks and German soldiers go flying into the air. The concussion stuns Sparky but he is covered by other super soldiers.

As the group readies for their next advance a white ghostly figure emerges from the rocks. Tap recognizes the power of a German Ubermenschen known as The Apparition. His form appears to be talking to someone back with his host body. The next second mortar shots fire off! The ghostly form appears to be directing mortar fire on the super soldiers! With some fancy shooting Skeet shoots the incoming mortar rounds out of the air! With that Tank sprints up the left flank then through some thick bushes just to the left of the first mortar bunker. As he rounds the corner down the hill German soldiers exploded by Sparky rise up and start to march towards the bunker! Tap knows this to be Phalanx a German Ubermenschen who can make the dead rise.

Again Sparky speeds up to the bunker wall. This time the plan is to drop a bundle of dynamite into the bunker with Phalanx. To his surprise, The Apparition’s host body is in the same sanger. He thus sees Sparky and orders troops to shoot him. Two soldiers reach around the walls and shoot at Sparky. He quickly stands then detonates the explosives. Although getting hit he manages to shield himself from the force of the explosion. Phalanx and The Apparition dive away from the dynamite but Phalanx is caught in the blast. Tank makes quick work of Phalanx with a blast from his trusty Johnson LMG. Skeet approaches throwing grenades on a radio operation and company commander. On the far side of the hill Butcher spots a soldier peeking out from behind a rock and derps him. This gives Skeet a chance to advance and finish him off. Tank rushes forward and finds a cave mouth. He spots a German Ubermenschen and chases him down the winding tunnel. The man eventually surrenders to Tank.

After a brief interrogation the FSSF supers discover that the man Skeet killed was a new Ubermenschen known as Domino. The man in the cave is known as The Miner. Under interrogation from Tap and Tank, The Miner reveals that he met with an Ubermenschen leader known as Paralysis who is near Monte Mojo to the north.

8 December, 1943 @ 0100 – After the battle at the Camino Hill Complex the group returns to Santa Maris where they are debriefed then given two day passes to Naples for some I&I (Intercourse and Intoxication). Several members of the team regale locals and other soldiers with their exploits from the last few days getting drunk in the process. Butcher talks about the FSSF Forcemen to a large crowd then attempts to get opera tickets but they are sold out.

10 December, 1943 @ 0100 – The group returns to Santa Maria packs up their gear and moves to their new bivouac near the town on Ceppagna. They are staying with various local families until shipping out to the front.

While resting in their house there is a knock on the door. A Sgt from the FSSF explains that there is a local girl who says she needs help from someone with super powers. The super solders agree to see her. The petite and pretty Italian woman is known as Camella. She explains in very good English that her friend Abrianna needs help and asks the soldiers to join her. The group does down a few blocks to a small house. Inside they meet a taller shy Italian woman Abrianna who appear to be 5 months pregnant. Using Camella to translate Abrianna explains that she met a German soldier…one with ice powers…named Karl. She says that Karl and her are in love and that he has to leave for the front. Abrianna insists that Karl is not a killer and asks the group to please not kill him if they encounter him on the battlefield. She knows her Karl would not fight if given another option. Butcher asks about Abrianna’s care and discovers that she has not seen anyone out of fear. The persuasive Major convinces Abrianna to get medical care and recommends a doctor. The group leaves with a picture of Abrianna and a description of Karl who Abrianna says can cause snowstorms. Tap has not heard of this Ubermenschen but vows to check with his superiors.

Situation Report – Session #2 – Operation Raincoat

February 20, 2017 By: John Taber Category: Games, Godlike News

Carry Out The WoundedAuthor’s Note: This is the situation report for the 2nd session of the Godlike Hero campaign. This is my take as to what happened during the session. Please let me know if there are any comments or corrections.  ]

3 December, 1943 @ 0630 – The session begins halfway through the assault on Monte la Difensa. The Talents of the FSSF are making their way systematically through the German defenses when they hear a low rumble. With a cloud of dust SS Ubers literally roll into a nearby foxhole. As the Ubers get their bearings the US Talents press their advantage. Butcher quickly derps Ricochet leaving most of the Ubers undefended. Tank lets loose with his light machine gun taking down the deadly Abattoir. Skeet advances on the left flank taking down a sangar then the Uber named Beacon. Tap takes down enemy soldiers clearing the way for others to advance. Sparky drops dynamite into the Uber foxhole then speeds away. The explosion takes down Landslide and hurts the others. After Quicksand gets Sparky’s legs caught he uses his shotgun to take him out.

With all of the Ubers down the firing slows. FSSF commander Col Fredericks assess the losses. Thirty Foremen died, around 100 are wounded, and one of their beloved Majors has lost his leg. Fredericks orders the Forcemen to hold their positions, resupply, and tend to the wounded.

Later than night Col Fredericks pulls aside the Talents. The men are shaken after their first real combat and the loss of the Major. He puts them on the important mission of getting some hooch from the 26th regiment under Clark. After briefly rebuffing the Col the group leaves the Camino Hill Complex. On the way down the steep hillside the Talents are asked to carry down a wounded soldier named Bernie Bernstein. Bernie took some shrapnel to his side. After a brief examination Butcher suggest that they might want to go double time if Bernie has any chance of surviving. The group takes him down the hill to a mobile surgical center that has been setup at the base. At the center Butcher questions the doctors then decides that he better conduct the surgery. The rest of the PC continue on their mission.

Tank comes up with a plan of trading cigars from Col Frederick’s personal stash with Clark’s supply depot for booze. After convincing a young aide that the cigars are for the Col he reluctantly gives them up. The group then heads to the suppler depot where they trade with the Supply Sgt Buchannan for two cases of whiskey. During the trade Tap observes some strange behavior between Sgt Buchannan and one of his guards. He also notices a tent lace itself up after the whiskey is removed from the tent.

4 December, 1943 @ 1100 –The whiskey changes the mood on the top of Monte la Difensa. The Forcemen now seem ready to tackle their next objective in the Camino Hill Complex Hill 907. It takes two tries for the Brits to take a hill to the south but once taken it means that the flank of the FSSF will not be exposed. They are ready to move forward early in the morning on 6 December.

Situation Report – Session #1 – Operation Raincoat

January 24, 2017 By: John Taber Category: Games, Godlike News

Camino Hill ComplexAuthor’s Note: This is the situation report for the 1st session of the Godlike Hero campaign. This is my take as to what happened during the session. Please let me know if there are any comments or corrections.  ]

23 November, 1943 @ 0730 – Col Frederick’s aide informs the PC to collect their gear the report to the motorpool. At the motorpool waits Col Frederick, two of his Lt Col’s (MacWilliams and Moore), as well as two Forcemen Sgts (Fenton and Van Ausdale). After a quick greeting the group loads up into three jeeps and heads towards the small Italian town of San Felice. The PC realize that the trip may have to do with mining or climbing as both Fenton and Van Ausdale are experts in these areas.

Upon arriving at the destroyed Italian village the SFFS team disembarks and begins a 5 mile hike to the base of the Camino Hill Complex. On the way Col Frederick explains that the Camino Hill Complex is critical to removing Jerry from Italy. He likens it to a “cork in a bottle”. The Col conveys that Clarks 5th has tried to take the Camino Hill Complex three times and has failed. He has tried twice from the south and once from the north where there is easier access. The FSSF will be using the eastern approach which is far steeper. The objective of this trip is to scout out possible access routes up the eastern face of Hill 960. The PC split from the Cols leaving them in the able care of the two Sgts. Skeet and Tap the lead for the Forcemen talents. They both perform discover the best route possible with amazing precision! The Forcemen talents decide that the best route is up a steep path to a landing that is just 300 yards below the top of a saucer-like structure at the top of the Camino Hill Complex. The last 300 yards involve a vertical climb up a sheer cliff but the good news is that there are handholds and a seam in the rocks that should block view from the north and south. After explaining the group returns to the barracks.

24 November, 1943 @ 0800 – The next day Col Frederick leads a detailed briefing that covers his plan of taking the Camino Hill Complex. The FSSF 2nd regiment 2nd battalion under Lt Col Moore will lead the ascent with the talents in front. Once at the top they will hoist up rope ladders which will be used to quickly get the troops up to the saucer section. The men and Talents are told that only knives and grenades are to be used. Rifle fire will alert the enemy to their position and surprise is paramount to the success of the mission. After the main briefing Col Frederick and Lt Col MacWilliams approach the Talents. MacWilliams presents Tap with a brown accordion folder with a top secret report about Ubermenschen who are operating in the Camino Hill Complex area. Col Frederick explains that the Talents have two objectives. The first is to take down any Ubers who may show up on the mountain. The second is to help 2nd division with foxholes and dug in fortifications at the saucer edge.

1 December, 1943 @ 1530 – After waiting for weather then a supply snafu the troops disembark to the bivouac at the base of the Camino Hill Complex. By the time the troops make it to the bivouac points they are cold and wet. The Talents head out first with Fenton and Van Ausdale to make the ascent up the cliff. Fenton and Van Ausdale will act as spotters for the Talents. As the climb begins so does the artillery. The entire top the saucer complex is not being pounded with explosions! The climb is slow and dangerous due to the darkness and rainfall. Skeet slips once but musters on to the top. At the top Tap and Skeet hear movement. A German soldier is crawling out to the lip to examine the eastern face! Acting quickly the pair grab the soldier and attempt to throw him off the cliff. Surprisingly he grabs on tight with hand then starts reaching for a pistol. Skeets stabs the soldier allowing Tap to yank him off the cliff to his death.

At the saucer section the Krauts have mined out foxholes and setup rock barriers into machine gun pits called “sangar” by the Canadian forcemen. The PC throw grenades as the artillery is signaled to stop using a flare. Grenades from Sparky, Skeet, and Tap lead the charge! Butcher derps (aka blind and deafens) the machine gun operator as the PC advance from foxhole to foxhole. Sparky uses his power get behind a line of troops so he can drop a dynamite charge into their cave bunker. Skeet keeps one foxhole pinned using his Tommy Gun until he eventually take it out. Tap picks off threats from range with deadly precision. The session closes with the PC nearing the end of the southern side of the saucer. They wonder when the Ubers will show themselves…