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TIAM Game Log On Session #14 – Start Of Chapter 7

December 17, 2008 By: John Taber Category: Games, TIAM News

Chapter 7 – The Menace From Sumatra – Session #14

Date At Start Of Game: 1/4/1894

[Author’s Note: This episode is the fourteenth session. Note that the order of the events in this record may not be the exact order that they occurred in the session.]

  • After returning to Oxford and passing through an uneventful holiday season the group enters into the new year. While walking across campus one afternoon the PC see a small group of students protesting a new labor movement. As the PC walk by some constables enter the scene. From a short hallway a man stumbles out. He is dressed in a hat, gloves, dark glasses, and trench coat. He stumbles into the constable who gently pushes the man back. To the surprise of the constable and the PC the man collapses! As he hits the ground his hat and glasses fly off. He starts muttering, ?Save Susan! My Susan!? As the PC approach a wisp of blue smoke emerges from his mouth. His eyes are missing and only a blue goo like substance remains. His skin is aged and he smells like he has been dead for weeks. Tredge searches his pockets while Burton grabs a nearby banner and wraps up the body. Singh chases down a cab which he spies leaving the scene. He marks the cab with a thrown knife then returns to the group.
  • In the office the group examines the body and their clues in more detail. The man is dressed in light clothing that has not been changed in some time. It is shredded and very dirty. The trench coat is from a high end clothing store called Rotbridge & Sons. His pockets contain loose change and a slip from the East India Shipping Company. The slip is addressed to a Mr. Alfred Windebank. Senemut and Burton examine the blue goo under a microscope. It is a type of fungus or spore. Senemut feels that it could be contagious. With that the PC leave the body in the care of the constable.
  • The PC first decide to visit the East India Shipping Company. At the company Tredge pretends to be Alfred Windebank and picks up 5 crates. The crates contain carefully cataloged botany samples.
  • Singh visits the cab company where he eventually tracks down the cab that dropped off Mr Windebank. The cab driver, whose name is Jarvis, distinctly remembers the man and comments that he swayed back and forth in the cab. He picked the man up from the Norris Hotel.
  • At the Norris Hotel the PC claim to be friends of Dr Windebank and get access to his hotel room with a well placed bribe. In the room they discover a picture of Alfred and his wife Susan. They also find a strange blue egg shaped stone and a diary from Alfred. The diary mentions dealing with a Dr Granger. According to the diary Dr Granger disappeared one night. He came back several nights later. After returning he dismissed all of the local help and even made some type of advance on Susan. The diary claims that Granger has gone mad.
  • The PC quickly discover that Dr Granger is a professor at Oxford. The visit his office but he is not present. They break in and search around. There are many strange texts but a bulk of them are about tropical diseases. While they are searching around Dr Granger shows up! The PC immediately start questioning the startled professor. He denies all claims as that of the madman Alfred Windebank. When shown the diary he consider that proof that the man is not ?altogether right?. Eventually he dismisses the PC telling him that he has important work to do. The PC leave the doctor but decide to start following him?

Date At End Of Game: 1/4/1894

TIAM Game Log On Session #14 – End Of Chapter 6

December 16, 2008 By: John Taber Category: Games, TIAM News

Chapter 6 – Plant Y Daear – Session #14

Date At Start Of Game: 12/12/1893

[Author’s Note: This episode is the fourteenth session. Note that the order of the events in this record may not be the exact order that they occurred in the session.]

  • As Nathan turns to stone and small goblin like humanoids jump down in the grotto the PC jump into action. Singh grabs Helen in a headlock preventing her from casting spells. Abdul knocks down the stick structure angering the little creatures. Senemut draws his sword and tries to hack at the creatures. All the while the creatures poke at the PC with stone tools and cast evil eyes. While Helen tussles with Singh, Abdul grabs the locket and threatens to break it. This stops the little creatures in their tracks. Not knowing what to do they turn to Helen who gives them direction. In one effort they attack. Abdul breaks the locket and Senemut smashes the black stone. This sends them into a frenzy. Eventually Singh stands with Helen and begins to run out of the grotto! The little people chase until the end of the small canyon then turn back. The rest of the PC emerge with Nathan’s stone corpse. The PC then tell Helen that they will release her if she will turn Nathan back into flesh. They also tell her that she must not threaten Nathan again. She agrees and changes Nathan back into flesh. As Helen walks away she changes into a large snake and slithers into the canyon.
  • With that the PC close up the estate and head back to Oxford. They take Nathan under their wing and inform him about the NAGS. He is excited about the offer which also allows the PC to closely watch his development.

Date At End Of Game: 12/14/1893

TIAM Game Log For Session #13

November 28, 2008 By: John Taber Category: Games, TIAM News

Chapter 6 – Plant Y Daear – Session #13

Date At Start Of Game: 12/07/1893

[Author’s Note: This episode is the thirteenth session. Note that the order of the events in this record may not be the exact order that they occurred in the session.]

  • The PC return to the Oxford campus on the afternoon of December 7th. Waiting on the desk in the study is a package addressed to Senemut. It is from a friend of his from Egypt, Colonel Albert Hardwicke. Singh also worked with Colonel Hardwicke in Africa. An enclosed letter describes the contents of the package and asks for help in its identification. It also asks that the PC not discuss the stone with his nephew Nathan. The contents of the package include the letter and a brick shaped rock of black stone with strange runes engraved along one edge. After some time Abdul and Senemut are able to translate the ruins. They are from an ancient culture that predates the Romans in England. The writing says, ?We who remember the ruined great cities honor their memory with this relic, for it is a reminder that those cities were once, and shall rise again.? The letter says that Albert should return to London in a few days so the PC decide to wait. Two days later his name appears in the obituaries. After speaking with local police the PC discover that Colonel Hardwicke was murdered in a small village in northern England. The brief file says that he was bucked from a horse then beaten and stabbed. Singh knows that Albert is an accomplished rider and very tough. With that the PC follow the return address on the package in an effort to find Albert. The return address is a very small village near Wales called Abrsyonan.
  • After travelling to the village the PC ask for directions to the Hardwicke estate and the local constable at a local tavern. Singh and Burton stay behind at the tavern to ask questions about the Hardwicke’s. Strangely the bar goes silent. People do not want to speak about the Hardwicke’s. The PC find two villagers to question. One is willing to talk after some drinks but the other leaves with a disgusted look on his face. The PC learn from the man that 20 years ago Albert came into the bar in an uproar. Apparently his sister, Clarissa, had been beaten and raped. A group searched the woods but did not find the culprits. Nine months later Clarissa gave birth to a son, Nathan, but she died in childbirth. The man also gives Burton and Singh the name of some locals who worked on the estate.
  • Senemut and Abdul speak with the local constable who is as much of a farmer as a lawman. He explains the body and the fact that Nathan came into town yesterday and is now at the estate. As it is late he offers to lead the PC to the property in the morning. Before returning to the pub to stay for the night the PC speak with the locals who worked at the estate. The wife was the midwife for Clarissa. She explains that Clarissa gave birth to Nathan then went into a frenzy! She called him a monster and tried to strangle him. After a day of sedation she seemed better and they tried to give her the baby again. This time she pulled a dinner knife on the child. That night Clarissa was found dangling from her bedpost.
  • On the way to the estate the PC take in the lovely countryside. The terrain is hilly with scrub brush and sparse copses of tree. Initially the PC go to the murder site. It has rained since the body was found but the PC still notice some strange things in a perimeter around the site. They find small stacks of rocks that are not natural. In another area they find branches laid out in a particular pattern. While searching Singh sees movement out of the corner of his eye near a group of stones. When he runs over he finds only a large rabbit hole and some footprints from what he thinks must be a barefooted child.
  • After a few moments Nathan Hardwicke rides over. He asks the PC and constable to join him at the estate. This gives the PC a chance to speak with Nathan and to look around. The PC find Nathan to be a young na?ve bookworm. He studies history at college and seems intrigued by the mystery of his Uncle’s death. Nathan begs to help the PC solve the murder. It is also apparent to the PC that Nathan knows nothing of his twisted birth. He also claims not to even have known about the estate until the reading of his Uncle’s will. The estate was left to him. The PC do NOT enlighten Nathan at this time on the story around his mother. While searching around the estate the PC find freshly inscribed writing on a well wall. The writing roughly translates to, ?Home.?
  • The next morning the PC return to the site of the murder to follow up on the strange markers they found the previous day. Before leaving Singh leaves a message on the front porch that says that they want to talk. While searching for more markers Burton sees Nathan talking with a strange woman in a green dress. When the woman notices Burton approaching she finished her conversation and walks behind a small hill where she vanishes. Before leaving Burton’s sharp ears hear her final words to Nathan, ?The woods hold delicious secrets if you know where to look. Maybe one day I’ll show you.? Nathan seems captivated by the woman who he says is named Helen.
  • By following the markers and using Senemut’s knowledge of local lay lines the PC find a small path leading to a tiny canyon grotto. In the small areas is a small earthen mound with a cage like structure of branches on top of it. Hanging from the front of the branches is a golden locket. On top of the branch cage is a rectangular spot the size of the black stone. Carefully Burton reaches over and opens the locket without moving it. When he touches the locket everything seems to go deathly quiet. Inside the locket is a cameo picture of Clarissa and the words, ?To Clarissa with Love, Albert.? With that the PC decide to replace the stone. Almost immediately after replacing the stone the PC hear footsteps approaching from the narrow path behind them. The woman in the green dress emerges. She thanks the PC for returning the stone then addresses Nathan. She asks Nathan if he feels the pull from the land as he is one of them. She begs him to stay with them as according to her this is his home. Nathan seems dumbstruck. He asks the PC what he should do. At that point the PC relate the story of his birth and the fact that these people are very likely the ones that killed his Uncle. Although confused Albert agrees with the PC and decides that he does not want stay. When he makes this decision the woman says that he MUST stay with them. When the PC start to try and usher him out she starts a spell which turns Nathan into a statue! As she speaks her skin turns from soft white to a scaly mottled green?

Date At End Of Game: 12/12/1893