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Episode Synopsis – Session 27 – “L”

July 10, 2018 By: John Taber Category: Dark Waters Rising News, Games

Torture DogAuthor’s Note: This is the episode synopsis for the 27th session of the Dark Waters Rising campaign.  This is my take as to what happened during the session.  Please let me know if there are any comments or corrections.  ]

A Message

Winston is contacted by Ernesto.  The mobster had a body deposited to a parking garage at one of his hotels.  Ernesto wants Winston and MD to investigate, clean, and lose the body.  The hunters examine a body that has been killed and stuffed into a garbage bag.  The body is one of Ernesto’s pimps named Jonny Tang.  Jonny’s head is smashed open in the same fashion as MD’s friend Six.  On his head is drawn the letter “L” in blood.  Ernesto explains that the body is a message from one of his former bartenders named Ray Morales.  Ray’s girl, Lana, is one of Jonny’s whores.  Ernesto called Ray a loser in front of Lana.  He thought Ray should work harder before demanding a promotion.  Apparently Ernesto took over the La Luxure when first Ray’s manager then owner die under mysterious circumstances.  The owner left the place to Ray in his will.

After speaking with Ernesto, MD and Winston head off to the motel to speak to Jonny’s girls.  Lana explains that Jonny came to her acting like a “bigshot”.  Ray’s girlfriend seems upset and suggests that Ray has “changed”.  Lana explains that several months ago when Ray was working he was visited by this “bald little man that works for a newspaper”.  The hunters make the connection to Tim Williamson.

Bonfire Bash

After discussing the facts the group decides to setup surveillance on the La Luxure.  While at the restaurant Winston and Kirk observe four large men speaking to Ray and Mike.  The men are from the Constantin camp who are running the still.  They appear to be asking Ray for more money to product and deliver the moonshine.  Mike moves forward as if he might engage the four men when Ray stops him.  Surprisingly Ray then retrieves a briefcase full of cash and hands it to the men.  When the four men have left Mike asks Ray why they did not just kill them.  Ray tells Mike that he is not sure he could had done it!  When Ron views the video he is sure the men are not normal and suggests that they are moving in a reptilian fashion.

At midnight Ray leaves the restaurant in a limo with Mike and Lana.  The three are quickly followed by the hunters.  The limo drives out of town to a small campground.  As the hunters stop their cars many other cards approach the campground and drive inside.  Each driver appears to be under the control of the moonshine!  The PC act quickly.  Ron and MD sneak through the wood into the campsite.  Kirk jumps into the back of a pickup truck of one of the moonshine drivers.  Stone and Winston cleverly dilate their eyes then drive into the campground as if they are under the influence of the moonshine.

At the site is a large pentagram with a bonfire in the center and small braziers at all points of the mystical star.  Near the bonfire is Ray, Mike, and a sheep.  After examining the circle Stone realizes that Ray is going to attempt to summon a very powerful loa.  He plans to use the moonshine victims as mana for his Black Magic ritual!  Stone also finds the verbiage calling for Outer Dark energy!  Stone concludes that Ray does not realize how much power he will be releasing and calls for the hunters to act.  Ron rushes out of the trees and kick over one of the braziers.  MD knocks a knife out of Ray’s hand before he can sacrifice the sheep!  Kirk stands up and kills Mike with a barrage of assault rifle fire!  Stone uses his telekinesis to grab Ray and throw him out of the magic circle.  This gives Winston the opportunity to coat him in one of his magical oil slicks.  As Ray tries to get his bearings small black circular portals open releasing floating mechanical torture dogs!  These floating beasts move to attack the hunters.  After escaping the dogs Kirk looses a volley at Ray that breaks down his shield then kills him.

As Ray dies his spell fades, the dogs vanish, and the controlled people begin to wake up.  With that the group leaves the scene.  While they did not get the still they dealt with a large roadblock in the form of Ruby Ray Morales and hit large friend Locomotive Mike.

Episode Synopsis – Session 26 – Last Rites

May 22, 2018 By: John Taber Category: Dark Waters Rising News, Games

Last Rites CoverAuthor’s Note: This is the episode synopsis for the 26th session of the Dark Waters Rising campaign.  This is my take as to what happened during the session.  Please let me know if there are any comments or corrections.  ]


After the trip to London the team reviews all of the data that they have collected.  Anne has compiled a report of the last time red lightning struck.  The report centers on a Nazi concentration camp known as Bergenvalden and the occult experiments conducted by an associate of Dr Mengele.  This associate, Dr Heimglimmer, did a ritual that tore open the fabric of reality to the Outer Dark.  Only actions by a group of Allied mages presented things from getting worse.  This led Anne’s investigation in two directions.  First it led to one of the ingredients that the other team used.  They used tears from on the ghostly test subjects that haunt Dr Heimglimmer who reportedly haunt him.  The souls of these mages also act as permanent guardians of the breaches.  These mages continue to view the Outer Dark and should act as another component if they can be collected.


Kirk remembers an article in a smaller Texas newspaper.  A week ago Dr Heimglimmer died in a small town.  The small Texas town of Rosetta was shocked when they discovered that a famed Nazi was found in a quaint neighborhood.  The hunters feel like they can track Dr Heimglimmer’s souls then the ghosts that haunt him.


Rosetta, Texas

Once in town the heroes visit the former residence of Dr Heimglimmer.  After MD distracts a neighbor by telling them he is doing an extermination job they search the house.  With some help from Flo the ghost they find a hidden basement.  The basement includes a mystic circle with walls that are covered in hieroglyphics.  There is a body lying in the circle with a toe tag.  It quickly animates into a powerful revenant akin to a mummy.  MD and Kirk shoot is to no effect!  Stone blasts with it with lightning that sends it reeling!  The revenant approaches Stone and crushes his chest sending him flying into a nearby wall!  The damage from the revenant has nearly killed the tough mage.  Kirk sets up MD with a flaming arrow that he makes using oil form a canopic jar.  The shot lights up the creature!  Anne races up the stairs and using a mirror turns the sunlight on the creature sending it up in flames!


When Anne comes out of the basement she sees a projection of a black ghost in the room.  Outside a car appears and two gentlemen jump out.  One is a local police detective and the other is the local coroner.  When the coroner sees Stone he recognizes him and tells the detective.  The police officer then turns on some sort of power of Horus!  They are Nazis!  Anne was covering the police officer and take a shot nailing him in the leg.  The now rapidly moving officer hits Anne with a shot before MD and Kirk can coordinate to take him down with some well timed shots.


Last Rites

Anne calls his old team for help cleaning up the scene.  The DOOR team scrubs the scene noting a picture of an old woman on Dr Heimglimmer’s nightstand and a second secret room filled with Nazi paraphernalia.


With Storm’s finding spell the group locates Dr Heimglimmer’s soul.  It appears to be held in a skeletal hand which has been buried under his mystic circle in the basement.  After digging up the hand Stone studies it with his magical sight.  The hand is holding an immense amount of magic and must be carefully defused.  As Stone starts his work two ghosts appear.  One is a little girl named Aimee.  The other is Rabbi Chayim Brummer who helped the mages at the concentration camp.  As Stone finishes the spell the two ghost slowly vanish while crying tears of relief that are captured by a prepared vial.


The heroes leave with another ingredient and clues to at least two more…

Episode Synopsis – Session 25 – Road Trip

April 23, 2018 By: John Taber Category: Dark Waters Rising News, Games

Florence FarrAuthor’s Note: This is the episode synopsis for the 25th session of the Dark Waters Rising campaign.  This is my take as to what happened during the session.  Please let me know if there are any comments or corrections.  ]

Stone Manor

After a bumpy but uneventful flight the PC arrive at Heathrow.  They unload their gear then are driven by Aubrey back to Stone Manor.  At Stone Manor they find some landscaping happening in the backyard.

Crowley House

At the headquarters of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn (HOGD or the Order) the group is led to Edwin Baxter’s office.  (Edwin is the current leader (aka the Magus) of the Order.)  Along the way the group are introduced to a man who Edwin introduces as an expert with “acquisitions”.  He explains the Kirk Sanford has some skills that will prove useful in the investigation and the gathering of ingredients that might be needed for the spell.  Nigel, Edwin’s bodyguard and former leader of the MI-666, is also present.


Stone carefully and cautiously lays out the situation for everyone.  He starts by reviewing some basic information about the Outer Dark then outlines the spell that he and Winston devised to patch the weak spots in the veil in New Orleans.  Edwin listens intently then agrees to show the Voynich Manuscript to the team.


Edwin then picks up the pocket watch from his desk and shows the PC into the basement of the Crowley House.  After going past many magical wards the group shown into a long thin chamber with two long bookshelves.  At the end is the statue of a gargoyle and two tables lit with magical lamps.  Edwin then speaks to the gargoyle who is apparently named “Marian”.  Marian goes into a smaller room on one side and returns with the original copy of the Voynich Manuscript.  In the same room the group notice a set of scrolls that must be the mysterious cyphers that supposedly form the basis for the magical knowledge that spawned the creations of the Order.  After asking Marian for more books Alastair, Edwin, and Kirk begin researching the spell.


While the scholarly types are researching the spell Anne, Edwin, and Ron wait at the second table.  Anne decides to start researching the history of the last breach using the Order’s library.  Nigel asks for a book about monster hunting which he then peruses with Ron.  While the other table is researching the spell Anne discussed the current situation at MI-666 with Nigel.  Nigel explains that their former government liaison, Fosse, has retired.  He was replaced by a bloke known as Triggs.  Triggs is an Special Air Services Colonel who comes with some type of academic background.  After joining Triggs forces all of the current agents to go through extensive psychological evaluations.  Many who have served for years are deemed unfit and excused from duty.  These men are replaced with young agents from some type of secret academy run by Triggs.  Nigel explains that what caused him to leave was an event that happened 3 months ago.  The team was sent to dispatch some trolls that has appeared under South Hampton Bridge.  This group of trolls had kidnapped a group of kids in a van.  During the raid two of the newly assigned agents shot through the kids in the van to take down the trolls.  Nigel suspended the soldiers but Triggs gave them both medals.  This was the last straw for Nigel who left the MI-666.  Nigel tells Anne that she should take this information back to DOOR so that, “they know what they are dealing with now.”


After the story Nigel asks Marian to bring Anne a book that, “she would appreciate.”  Marian returns with a diary from a former leader of the Order known as Florence Farr.  At the end of the book is an Egyptian symbol.  After reading the symbol there is a flash and the room goes dark for a second!  Anne explains what happened then Alastair and Edwin take a look with their magical sight.  Alastair explains that attached to Anne’s soul is some type of containment spell.  He promised to examine Anne more closely later on at Stone Manor.


The research trio realize that is will take at least a couple of days for finish their research.  With that Edwin asks that the group stay at the Crowley House for dinner.  He also invites Abagail Blavatsky to dine with them and to conduct a seance afterwards.


At the seance Abagail calls forth the spirit of her Great Grandmother Madame Blavatsky.  The PC are then given a chance to speak with the powerful occult spirit to ask questions about their current problem.  Before vanishing she remarks that Anne reminds her of a friend of hers.

Stone Man Mountain

After finally reaching Stone Manor the group goes to bed.  That night the group is awaken with a young girl’s scream!  The scream is coming from Stone’s backyard.  When the group rushes to the back door they find the ghost of a small girl in a turn of the century period dress who is screaming as a massive creature made of earth is vainly attempting to pummel her!  Stone spots something magical on the hillside and directs the PC into action.  While Ron distracts the massive creature the rest of the group circles around to the spot behind the creature.  Anne arrives first where she notices a small 3 foot tall creature who appears to be made of mud.  She attempts to tackle the small man who barks at her in some type of ancient Celtic tongue!  Stone rushes up and begs the creature to stop!  He promises that they will make the situation right.  The creature stops then in broken English explains that his home must be restored.  It appears that the landscapers have dug up a stone slab that must be its home.  Stone speaks with the duergar and works out an agreement to move his home back farther on his property.


During this conversation the ghost of the small girl runs to Anne and grabs on to her leg.  Through tears she explains that her name is Flo.  Anne realizes that this must be a ghost of Florence Farr.  The child then vanishes into Anne’s leg and the ghost of a woman in her 30’s appears.  She explains the she is the ghost of Florence Farr.  When Anne asks for details on the spell from the book the ghost says that it must be something Madame Farr setup.  Florence Farr then vanishes inside of Anne and this time an older woman with a cane and parasol emerges!  Madame Farr explains that she setup the book as a way to preserve her spirit.  She hooked it to a person who was considered “a woman of character”.  Madame Farr is kind of surprised to discover that it took so many years for her spirit to be released.

Sutherland Estate

The next day the researchers get details on the spell.  It will take an intricate circle where the casters are in the center.  Also in the center will be a brazier where several very unique ingredients must be added.  The ingredients actually vary based on the cycle of the planets so Stone estimates that the spell must be cast within the next 5 weeks to be effective.


The ingredient list looks like the following:

Start with fruit spawned from the darkest night.

Pestle with tears from a tortured soul.

Stir in a beam from the morning sun.

Baste with vitae of one who has seen into the abyss.

Finish with distilled essence of that which should not be.


Stone supposes that all of the abyss and darkness references likely infer an Outer Dark connection.  When Kirk reads the list he instantly zeroes in on the third ingredient.  He recalls that there is a mystical relic known as the Phylactery Of The Morning Sun.  It is rumored to be a captured ray of sunlight from the fairy realm.  Kirk explains that this item is owned by one Jason Sutherland.  It is held at his estate near St Albans.


Kirk then sets up a plan to get the caretaker out of the house so that they can break in.  He takes the lead by sneaking into the house then shutting off the security system.  After doing that the rest of the PC join him as there are bound to be magical defenses.


After finding a secret door the PC venture down into an ancient structure.  Inside they find a hallway covered in moss.  Along the way Stone spots a magical spot on the floor that appears to protect against flora.  He disables it then proceeds.  As he walks forward ivy on the wall springs out to attack.  Dodging back the group decides to proceed more carefully.  This time Stone turns back on the ward.  He then moves forward and stands in the circle.  The plants spring out then pull back.  This allows the PC to enter an inner sanctum.


The next room is glowing with a crystal vial that is being held by a tiny root.  Inside the room are books and some small trinkets.  Stone uses his mind to move the vial into a wooden box that Anne readies.  As the vial settles into the box the roots holding the vial spring forward!  The groups makes a hasty retreat as the house is nearly pulled down by massive root and vine growth.


Back at Stone Manor the group prepares for their trip back to New Orleans.  Before leaving Kirk Sanford contacts Stone and let him know that he will be moving to New Orleans soon to be with his daughter.  He also seems excited about trying to find the other ingredients on the list…