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Our Memoir 44 Tackle Box Of Holding

November 27, 2013 By: John Taber Category: Games, Product Reviews

My boys and I have really fallen in love with Memoir 44 from Days Of Wonder. Over the course of the last year we have obtained nearly all of the expansions for the game. I think the only things left are for Breakthrough and Overlord sets. Those are on our Christmas lists. 🙂 As we have collected so much material I decided to invest in a storage device to hold all of our beloved Memoir 44 components. After much searching I decided on the Plano 787-010 3700 Size Angled StowAway System. This blog post is a review of this product.

(Click on the pictures to get a larger view.)

Tackle Box View 1

I’ll start my review from the front of the box and work my way towards the back. On the lid are two side compartments that are great for holding terrain tiles. On the sides of the front are two smaller storage compartments that come with clear plastic boxes. These side compartments fit an expansion box perfectly. We use the left side for the Terrain Pack box and more tiles. The right side we use for chits and airplanes. More on that in a bit. The main front compartment holds three smaller boxes and one larger one.

Tackle Box View 2

Inside the lid are four compartments. In the back there is a long thin cubby that PERFECTLY holds terrain tiles on their sides. Having the tiles sitting on their sides makes them very easy to search through to find the one that you are missing for your scenario. The top compartment can also hold four card boxes and all of the manuals pretty easily. From this front view with the doors open you can see how the clear plastic boxes slide into the main case at a slight backwards angle. This prevents the inner boxes from wanting to slide out. On the right are two smaller boxes that we use for chits and airplanes.

Tackle Box View 3

Here is a picture of the boxes that slide into the main front compartment. The one on the left is the thinner one. It works perfectly for figures. The one of the right fits on top in the main compartment. It is thicker that the other three boxes. This one is great for the larger Equipment Pack figures, dices, and larger chits.

Tackle Box View 4

On the back of the box is a pouch with elastic cords that can be tightened. This works great for holding the boards.

I think my only complaints with this tackle box are minor. One issue is that on one of the smaller clear plastic boxes one of the latches comes off sometimes. It is easily replaced but it is annoying. The side boxes on the top are also a tiny bit too small to hold the terrain tiles on end. It needs probably 1/4″ of height to fit them on end.

Overall I think this is a great product for holding all of our Memoir 44 components. It gets a resounding 9 out of 10 paws.

I got it from Amazon at this URL for $54.52. It is actually a bit more expensive now but still reasonable.

0 Comments to “Our Memoir 44 Tackle Box Of Holding”

  1. John Taber says:

    We got Operation Overlord, Sword Of Stalingrad, and a second base set. All of these easily fit into the box with the rest of the stuff.

    We also got the Breakthrough boards. Those are bigger and don’t fit well in the back pouch. Thus it looks like we have to carry one box full of boards if we want to drag everything with us. 😉

  2. Hi,
    Great solution. I’m going to get exact same one. Maybe doing some mod’s to it. How is it working out three years later?
    Mike, Poland

    • It is still working great! 😀 We have every Memoir 44 product and it holds them all. We even added a notebook where my son and I are rating various missions that we play. 😉 Thanks for the nice comment! 😀

      • At what age did you introduce your son into memoir? My are 3 and 1 and I really hope they will like board games :). I certainly will have to be cautious with introducing them to board games, since nothing is fun if you are forced to do it 🙂

        • I think my kids started playing Memoir 44 around 6 and 8. My eldest is autistic and my youngest is wicked smart. He is now 12 years old and often beats me at Memoir 44. 😉 I started board games with a GREAT game called Eye Found It. You can find a review of that on this site and Board Game Geek from me. 🙂


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