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Spirit Storm Session Log: Epic Tale #11 – Cizbakri’s Wick – Session #27

June 29, 2011 By: John Taber Category: Games, Spirit Storm News

Deer Kin ArcherDate At Start Of Game: ?/??/???

[Author’s Note: This is the log for the 27th session. Note that the order of the events in this record may not be in the exact order that they occurred during play.]

Inside The Wick

The PC continue to venture into the various doorways in Cizbakri’s “genie bottle”. There are four rooms left to defeat…

The Temple To The Fire Gods

The party appears on a raised granite platform that is surrounded by a lake of lava. In the center of the platform is a large stone urn with a burning flame. On the corners of the platform are four pillars. As soon as they land Po turns on his Spirit Sight spell. He notices a magical creature composed entirely of fire moving around the room under the lava. Cillian uses his stone vision and discovers that the pillars have some type of metal rod attached to the bottom that sinks into the platform. As the PC work out what to do the fire elemental raises up from the lava and blasts the entire platform severely damaging the less armored PC. With that the creature closes to attack. Oren confronts the elemental while the other players decide to start carefully knocking over pillars. They discover that this has the effect of opening a portal under the center urn. After fending off some dangerous blasts Oren knocks over the last pillar and the PC leave the room. They are a bit singed but know that they must persevere.

The Fields Of Pleasure

As the swirling mist clears the avatars are standing in a deep forest with their ranged weapons in hand. In a bush they see antlers that turn and move off. Cillian figures that they must hunt the stag and the PC start to pursue. Using his tracking skills Po discovers that this is not a normal deer. It appears to be bipedal based on the tracks…a Deer Kin? As the PC follow Cillian spots a trap in the woods. As he slows down to investigate Po is shot by an arrow and falls from the sky! Cillian and Oren move over and apply healing potions. The potion from Cillian has a near miraculous affect bringing the Raven Kin shaman back from the brink of death! After healing Po the PC proceed with more caution. Cillian and Bilby sneak up the flanks while Oren moves tactically down the center of the glade. Cillian spots the Deer Kin hiding behind a rock then uses his air powers to trip Oren when he about to get shot! After shooting the Deer Kin archer moves away from the party quickly. Oren uses the advantage to rush forward across an open field. Cillian spots the Deer Kin again hiding behind a hillside and shoots a crossbow at his position as a way to inform the other party members of his location. Oren comes out from behind cover then balls up drawing fire from the archer. This distraction allows Bilby to sneak up and stab the Deer Kin from surprise using his assassin’s blow! Now in combat with the Deer Kin Oren and Bilby find that he is a tough and fast foe. As the Deer Kin tries to pick off Bilby who is currently very injured Oren balls over him to protect him. After taking a gore from his horns and a shot from his bow Oren and Bilby press their attack. Oren grabs the Deer Kin but cannot hold him for long. Bilby takes some shots weakening the archer. With a final blow from Oren he falls. The PC are injured and nearly out of healing potions but they survived the encounter. After touching his intricately carved bow they return to the large octagonal chamber.

The Garden Of Delights

The now wounded PC then enter the next doorway. They find themselves in an old greenhouse. In the center of the room are two plant creatures who are thrashing around trying to find something tasty to devour. Cillian acts first letting loose a large cone shaped flame blast that the PC did not know he could do! As the plants cringe from the flames the rest of the PC attack. Bilby lands some blows and Oren starts pounding on the creatures. Even though one manages to grab Cillian he cannot pull him into his maw before Oren fells him. After the plant creatures are dead a green mist surrounds the PC and they appear back in the large room.

The Theater Of Humiliation

After entering the last portal the PC find themselves on a candle lit stage. The only person in the audience is a reclining Cizbakri. While the PC talk about what is going on Cizbakri heckles them, “What kind of show of this!?! Come on!!! Entertain me!!!” With that Oren tells a fantastic tale from the Spirit War. Cizbakri listen intently then claps when he finishes. After clapping several of the stage candles go out. Bilby goes next doing acrobatic flips. Po does a trick where he makes his staff grow and shrink. Cillian first tries to juggle then does a trick with balls and his air powers. Finally all of the stage lights go out and the PC find them in the main octagonal chamber…but now things have changed…

“I’M FREE!!!”

In the main room the mist that surrounded the raised platform is now spread throughout the room. The ceiling looks like the cone of a hurricane! Atop the platform Cizbakri lets out a scream, “You did it! I’M FREE!!!” After uttering this he floats up to the ceiling through the eye of the storm! As the force of the winds get stronger the PC begin to be sucked up and out of the room…

Date At End Of Game: ?/?/???

New Lair Widgets

June 24, 2011 By: John Taber Category: Games, Site Recommendations, Site Updates

I’ve recently added three things to Kingbeast’s Lair that I wanted to highlight in a post.* See the banner page or front page for details.

I’ve added banners for Anime Paper to the site. Anime Paper is a free site with TONS of desktop wallpapers with anime subjects. Some of these wallpapers are really amazing!

A fancy widget has been added that showcases the wallpaper of the day from CG Wallpapers. This is a site that hosts images from well known artists in a HUGE variety of formats at REALLY high resolutions. They even have iPad, iPhone, HD TV, etc formats. Most of my favorite desktops are from this site. It costs $15/year…a paltry sum for such pretties.

Finally I added a widget from RPG Geek. RPG Geek is the RPG side of Board Game Geek. They have a fantastic site setup that I have been really enjoying lately. Love the reviews and deep database. I’m in the process of entering my entire RPG catalog into the site. I am at 269 products and only about 50% done. The widget shows 5 random items from my RPG collection. I think it is fun. 😀

[* Ok fine…I’m also super busy and did not have time for a real entry. Hang in there…I actually have 5 or 6 entries in the pipe! 🙂 ]