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TIAM Session Log : Chapter 8 – Death In Luxor – Session #17

March 11, 2009 By: John Taber Category: Games, TIAM News

Chapter 8 – Death In Luxor – Session #17

Date At Start Of Game: 1/11/1894

[Author’s Note: This episode is the 17th session. Note that the order of the events in this record may not be the exact order that they occurred in the session.]

  • Reluctantly the PC are stripped of their belongings and clothing. They are forced to wear simple robes and bags are put over their faces. After being bagged they are led back into town to an unknown location. Eventually they are led into a room and they hear the door lock. The room reaks with the odor of a powerful incense. Singh and Abdul go back-to-back and remove their bounds. The room is pitch black except for bits of light leaking through a small barred window. After removing some boards from the barred window the PC see that it is still raining and the some of the rain is leaking through the roof. The only thing in the room are two metal cots. While stacking the cots to get to the roof the PC start to hallucinate…
    • Tredge sees a mob of corpses stumbling through the streets of Luxor towards him. When then get close their flesh peels away revealing layers of maggots. The corpses then fall to their knees and raise their arms in worship of Tredge.
    • Senemut sees a tent with an old man who has parched yellow skin. In a raspy voice he rasps, “See the Old Ways…beware the Nile…she runs again!”
    • Barton sees a desolate sky and a purple moon. Deep Ones dance around a campfire build from dead bodies. The Deep Ones beckon for Barton to join them.
    • Singh finds himself seated atop a mound of rubble. Luxor is being flooded by the Nile. All around his small island Deep Ones emerge.
    • Adbul stands beside the Nile with a bow in his hands. He is dressed in an ancient tunic. To both sides men in similar guard stand nervously. As Deep Ones emerge from the Nile a commander issues the order, “Ready! Aim! Fire!”
  • After punching a hole in the roof the Singh climbs out and pulls up the PC on sheets tied in knots. Carefully he leads the PC down from the second floor roof to a lower first floor roof. As the PC plan on entering the alley and the building of their captors to get their weapons Abdul spies something moving in the alley. Out of the drain a gray oozelike creature emerges! It propels itself up the stairs and bashes down the door of their captors. After some muffled screams the PC drop down to the first floor to take a look. The beast has gone up the stair to their cell. The PC then enter the building from the first floor, grab their gear, and follow behind the creature. Abdul lures the ooze to follow them. As the ooze comes back up the stairs Tredge pulls out a fire potion that he took from an earlier adventure and pours it down the stairs. Using a brasier that has the strange incense he lights it up. The ooze reels back in confusion. Singh holds up the door preventing it from coming into the room. The powerful creature pushes him back but burns up trying to follow the PC out of the roof hole.
  • As Barton and Senemut are escaping from the scene they spot a young man coming to the building. They jump him then question him with the PC. They are a group of people dedicated to defending the tombs. He tells the PC that a specialist from India, Madame Carlisle, is on her way to the second tomb to deal with the problem and the the PC do not know what they are doing. The PC explain that they know more than Madame Carlisle and plan to follow. They develop the picture of the map and steal horses to follow.
  • Early the next morning they arrive at the site. Madam Carlisle and several of the protectors are ripped to shreds by Deep Ones. The PC take their supplies including some oil, incense, and sticks then enter the tomb. Inside they find some strange writing that mentions annointing with oil, the sticks, and the incense.
  • In the main large chamber the PC see a huge circular stone platform that is opening to reveal three yellowing arms. The hands on the arms end with maws in the palms. A voice taunts the PC then tells the Deep Ones to attack the one with the incense. Abdul, Singh, and Burton take up positions. Adbul and Singh shoots Deep Ones that get close. Burton blows away steps on one side of the chamber. Senemut and Tredge prepare to jump down to use the sticks on the hands. Senemut thinks to load up the air pistol with the sticks. He fires them into the hands with great effect. Tredge stabs with his sticks. From behind Abdul and Burton are attacked. Acting quickly they shoot down the Deep Ones then close the door using a sophisticated locking mechanism…good thing Burton is an expert lock picker! Finally Tredge and Senemut force Y’Golanac back into the pit sealing the elder god inside for a hundred hundred years.
  • The campaign ends with the world again safe from evil.

Date At End Of Game: 1/12/1894

This is the end of the campaign. I want to thank all of my players for so many great games with so many great moments.

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