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TIAM Game Log On Session #16 – Start Of Chapter 8

February 11, 2009 By: John Taber Category: Games, TIAM News

Chapter 8 – Death In Luxor – Session #16

Date At Start Of Game: 1/10/1894

[Author’s Note: This episode is the sixteenth session. Note that the order of the events in this record may not be the exact order that they occurred in the session.]

  • A week after the last adventure the PC receive two missives. One is a NAG report from Professor Singh. He is asking for help with a dig in Luxor, Egypt. The brief letter states that they have made a discovery that requires particular attention from the PC. The other missive is a letter and photo addressed to Senemut. The letter is from a friend of his named Rose Bollacher. She is the wife of Professor Aaron Bollacher who is leading the dig in Luxor.
  • Rain is pouring and lighting is flashing in the evening sky when the PC arrive in Luxor on a riverboat. After being met by local police the PC head to the Chicago House which is used as a base of operations for explorers and adventures. To the surprise of the PC they only see a candle in one room of the building but the rest of the lights are off. When the PC knock there is no answer. Burton unlocks the door and the PC enter. In the main study a flash of lightning reveals a body hanging from the rafters?it is Professor Bollacher. Below the body is a pool of urine and blood. His clothes and shoes are stained with blood. In his pocket is a large kitchen knife and a bottle of scented oil. Senemut lowers the body and says that his neck was snapped by the cord. It appears to be a suicide.
  • As the PC search the Chicago house in detail they find that most of the help has fled. Further searching reveals the following clues:
    • A large stone slab with ruins. The ruins refer to holding back the great ?Hapi?.
    • A photo of the dig team.
    • All of Rose’s clothes are missing.
    • A map with a pin hole marking the first dig site.
    • Professor Jameson’s journal which reveals that he had an affair with Rose. This was found in Professor Bollacher’s desk.
    • A letter from Rose hinting of her affections for Professor Jameson. She begs him to meet her at a bar called Ali Baba. The time for the meeting is about 10 minutes before the PC read the letter.
    • Professor Jameson’s body is in the library. He has been stabbed in the back. His fingers have been removed and used to paint on the walls. The writing on the walls is in a cipher that Burton decodes. The text says that old ones are awakening with the rising water.
    • In a darkroom the PC find an undeveloped roll of film. The old photo that is not exposed is developed by Tredge. It is of a strange tomb with six sarcophagus.
    • Professor’s Singh’s body is stabbed in his bed. In a hidden compartment the PC find a note that details Professor Singh’s fear that Professor Bollacher has become obsessed with the dig and very paranoid that Professor Jameson may act without him.
  • The PC leave Chicago House to try and catch Rose at Ali Baba’s. They find her sitting in a booth very drunk. She recognized Senemut but does not seem overly excited to see him. After speaking with the PC they discover that she has an idol that they found at the first tomb. The idol is a symbol of Y’Golonac with a hand that contains an eyes that is flaming. There are also some strange symbols on the bottom. Rose also speaks of writing that Aaron found in the first tomb that leads to a second tomb. At this time the PC notice that other patrons at the bar are watching them. As the PC move to leave the bar Burton pockets the idol and take Rose’s suitcase. The thugs approach asking for the suitcase. Carefully the PC drop the bag then flea the bar. At this point the PC decide to visit the dig site which is in town.
  • At the site the PC see tents setup. The tents surround a fire where men are dancing in the storm in a very tribal fashion. After Abdul steals some lanterns the PC head into the tomb. As they descend a very strange staircase they see the writing mentioned by Rose. The ruins consists of hieroglyphics and ancient occult text that Tredge has seen on other items. This reveals a story. At the bottom of the stairway is a landing and two small statues of tentacles. By examining the statues the PC are able to make a glowing map appear on the wall. These are directions to the second tomb. Tredge takes a picture of the map. At this point the PC hear the stone doorway at the top of the stairs being moved into place. They are trapped in the tomb!
  • After that the PC decide to continue exploring. Below the landing is a room with a jet of water that the PC surmise must be from the Nile. The hole is in the shape of the stone found in the Chicago House study. The next room is an inverted ziggurat filled with sarcophagus. From the bottom most level strange fish creatures are creeping. The PC recognize them as Deep Ones! There are at least 10 of the strange creatures so the PC decide to back up the staircase. Burton then places a stick of dynamite on the stairs to slow down the Deep Ones. The explosion not only puts a hole in the stairway but it starts a cave in! The PC run up the staircase and Burton uses his last stick of dynamite to knock over the massive stone door. When the PC climb out they are surrounded by men with rifles?

Date At End Of Game: 1/11/1894

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