Who Guards The Guardians?
While still in New Orleans the trio of hunters (Winston, Kirk, and Anne) research the site using the internet and the notes from Rabbi Brummer’s ghost. The site of the Bergenvalden Camp is now a park in the small town of Naumberg. Naumberg is about 30 miles outside of the city of Leipzig. Winston finds a Templar contact in Leipzig and sets up a meeting.

After their private flight to Germany the group scouts out the park. Anne speaks with a local member of the Chamber Of Commerce who tells them that the actual location of the camp is actually 5 meters under the park. This directs the hunters to a door at the bottom of a stairwell in one corner of the park. Winston uses magical sight to discover that the door has a magical symbol on it. A local café provides a safe spot to discuss the situation. The group decides to head to Leipizig then to speak with Winston`s contact.

Winston’s Templar contact is Alice Hertzog who runs a magical component shop that is disguised as a tea shop. Once the PC confirm that Alice is knowledgeable they lay out the situation. Alice explains the she does not know a lot abut the camp because all of the important documentation is being held at a synagogue in Naumbeg. She also explains that two other people came in earlier asking about the Bergenvalden Camp and purchased some components. These people included a proper gray haired Caucasian woman and a voluptuous raven haired woman who acted like her bodyguard. Winston and Madame Farr’s ghost think the components are for a spell that would attempt to open a portal to the Outer Dark for some type of summoning. Next the group decides to visit the synagogue.

At the synagogue in Naumberg the trio meet Rabbi Jochim Dressler and two of his parishioners (the cafe waitress, Sara Lichtmann, and the train station kiosk salesman, Leopold Feliks). The PC remember Sara and Leopold from the park. The PC then confront the Rabbi as they seem terrified of the PC. After validating the identity of the characters with Alice the Rabbi explains that they watch the Guardians. Not only have they protected the portal that leads to the Guardians for generations but they also give some of their very life essence to power the spell! The Rabbi then allows the characters to copy the Guardian’s spell with the hope that Stone might be able to help them come up with a more permanent solution.

The group decides to insert Winston into the circle of Guardians then he will have glimpsed the Outer Dark and they can just take his blood at a later time. At the room at the bottom of the stairway in the park Rabbi Dressler shows the group the portal. The portal reveals five guardians in a glowing limbo. Insider their arms is a swirling miasma of purple smoke that beckons to the beyond. As Winston joins the circle he gets a glimpse into the emptiness and raw power that is the Outer Dark! After a minute the Guardians inform Winston that something is coming! He steps out of the circle but not before a horrific mage killing Shatterer emerges! While Winston holds the beast Anne and Kirk lay into it with an assault rifle and a shotgun The beast is destroyed in a splash of purple ooze!

After the portal is safely resealed the PC leave the stairwell. At the top of the stairwell is the gray haired woman and two cohorts. The woman is screaming, “NOOOOO!!! The portal was closed too quickly!!!” She screams out that she will complete the work of her lover Doctor Heimglimmer! Her companions, a blond haired man wearing a paramilitary web harness, and the voluptuous woman who is now holding two Colt 1911s, appear to be surprised by her actions and back up. After breaking down the woman’s magical shield she vanishes in a haze of purple mist! Anne and Winston ask the two cohorts to leave. They carefully back away to avoid a confrontation.

Now only two ingredients remain!