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Spirit Storm Session Log: Epic Tale #12 – Vault Of The Dragon Kings – Session #34

January 06, 2012 By: John Taber Category: Games, Spirit Storm News

Cillian In Dragon FormDate At Start Of Game: 2/19/207

[Author’s Note: This is the log for the 34th session. Note that the order of the events in this record may not be in the exact order that they occurred during play.]

The Pool Of Dreams

After some hesitation the Kirin guards decide to let the PC into the room that contains the Pool Of Dreams. Like many rooms in the vault the dimensions are dragon in scale. In the center of the room is a diamond shaped metal hatch roughly 50′ across. On the four compass points are urns fashioned to represent the four dragon houses and their associated elements. As the PC enter they can hear a thrumming sound comming from the massive hatch. Something is trying to escape!

After a brief discussion the PC decide to play the dragon trumpets to open the hatch. When the perfect notes sound the hatch begins to part in the center like an iris door. Almost immediately a massive brown colored dragon claw poke outs. Eventually Cragspine emerges and yells out, “Finally I have been released!” After brief questioning the PC realize that even though this is Cragspine’s body the dragon in control is Sunscratch. Sunspine (i.e. Sunscratch in Cragspine’s body) proclaims that he will destroy the PC leaving him the most powerful being in the world. With this statement Cillian decides that now is the time to change into his dragon form. He turns into a flame dragon roughly the size of a large cart! Sunspine presses his attacks against several party members at the same time. Once Sunspine attacks Deryn The Black becomes visible and splits into several mirror images. Thus Deryn and Sunspine are pitted against the Avatars Of The Great Tree, two kirin guards, and Loremaster Slysska. Po releases a devestating curse spell. Kanga opens up with three shot volleys. Oren starts cutting loose with his hammer. Cillian starts slashing at Sunspine using his claws. The kirin guards start attacking Sunspine and Deryn using their scimitars. Bilby cuts loose with a massive dispel on the dragon using his magical sword Spirit Splitter. After the dispel Cragspine seems to regain control for a moment. He looks at Cillian and says, “The pool!” Not knowing what to do the PC continue to cut lookse on Sunspine and Deryn. As Deryn launches several harmless spells Bilby and Kanga switch targets and attempt to take him out. Po casts another devestating curse spell on Sunspine nearly crippling his ability to attack and opening him up for getting pummeled. Sunspine decides to use his acid breath weapon. Po dives out of the way but Oren is struck with a massive gush of acid. Even though Oren is struck with a heavy blow he is carrying the magical knife with some acid resistence and is able to survive. At this point Oren lands a mighty blow to the head of Sunspine. As the dragon shakes it off Cragspine again speaks. He mutters in Dragon Kin, “Sunscratch’s skull…in the pool…destroy it!” With that Cillian flies into the pool and drags it out of the swirling mist. As the skull is not being threatened Sunspine turns to attack Cillian. As he bites Cillian in neck forcing him to drop the skull. With an acrobat move and feat of strength Bilby grabs the skull and delivers it to Oren. Using the power of the Granite Head Forge Hammer Oren cuts loose with all of his powerful strength! As the skull shatters Sunspine falls!

After Po does a round of healing the PC are able to speak with Cragspine. According to Cragspine when he came to check on the Pool Of Dreams Sunscratch took over his mind and made him attack the King Of The North. During the fight she managed to imprison him in the Pool Of Dreams. When Cragspine explains this to the King Of The North she understands. At this point Cragspine explains that the Pool Of Dreams holds dragon spirits from the dead. When a dragon dies their spirit enters the Pool Of Dreams. This was done as there is a plague that is affecting all Dragon Kin. Only a select few bloodlines appear to be immune to the plague. Cragspine has committed himself to defending the Vault and looking for a cure.

Cragspine then speaks to Cillian. He asks if he knows the identity of his mother. Cillian says he does. Cragspine then asks if she knows the he is a dragon. When Cillian says that she does he mutters, “That is gonna make things a bit more interesting.” The Avatars then explain their urgent need to return to Tokaji as it is under attack. Cragspine agrees to return with them. Cillian plans to carry the PC on his back so that they can travel faster.

Date At End Of Game: 2/20/207

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