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Ode To Kickstarters And Badges

July 05, 2012 By: John Taber Category: Games, Site Recommendations, Site Updates

Last week I made a couple of updates to the right pane on Kingbeast’s Lair that I wanted to mention in this blog.

Added Link To Backed Kickstarters

I added a link to projects on Kickstarter that I have backed. I highly recommend checking these out…there are some COOL RPG projects being created by some very cool folks! Head over to John’s Kickstarters to take a look.

Added Badges

Pelgrane Press is handing out “software badges” when you preorder some of their games. I have badges from 13th Age and Night’s Black Agents on the site. Pelgrane puts out stellar products and these two are by industry vets! Give them a look. 🙂


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